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Buhler Gallery presents:

Identity/ Belonging:
Michael Boss & Karen Cornelius

January 30 - April 19, 2015

The Buhler Gallery thanks

Barry and Kathryn Kowalsky

About the Exhibition:

The Buhler Gallery’s newest exhibition Identity/Belonging features works from Karen Cornelius and Michael Boss. This exhibition includes works from two of Cornelius’ series, Fabric of Belonging and Outside Inside: The Parka Experience, and Boss’ large-scale drawings of his ancestors, as well as several smaller religious icon paintings.

Both Cornelius and Boss are teachers who have had international careers. Boss is also the former Head of Studio Programs at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Cornelius and Boss have exhibited internationally and led international studio workshops together.

Michael Boss is from a pacifist Mennonite background on his maternal side, and the more militant warlike Ukrainian Cossack heritage on his paternal side. He commented that he undertook the family genealogical research as: “ One side of my family was pacifist the other Cossack. I wanted to find out more”. Through his researches he found information which enabled him to further clarify his background: “My family were not Kozaks...as far as anyone knows. They were simply farmers from West Ukraine. I use the "Kozak" to represent my Ukrainian side: The emotional, defiant aspects. The Pacifist Mennonite side is represented by the black clothing, subdued, intellectual side: "The Quiet in the Land".”

Cornelius, on the hand, a white Anglophone, grew up in the Congo where her father was a medical doctor. She only lived in North America for two brief periods following fleeing from the Congo until she started university. Therefore, as a young child she did not look like those around her but embraced their culture; later, when she looked liked everyone else, she felt out of place, misunderstanding body language and slang of the pervading culture. Her works explore those dichotomies.

“Karen Cornelius and Michael Boss visually probe their own personal and family histories, identities and individual sensibilities of belonging,” says Patricia Bovey, Project Lead, Buhler Gallery. “Each has done extensive research through letters, diaries and photographs. Their resulting artwork is immediately compelling, personally insightful and meaningful in multiple ways.” (Patricia Bovey, FRSA, FCMA, excerpt taken from exhibition brochure)

Read a review here from the Lance community newspaper.

For more information, please call
Tanya Gadd at 204-237-2309 or tgadd@sbgh.mb.ca



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