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Hope, Healing & Contemplation

Hope, Healing & Contemplation : Jill Brooks, Mélanie Rocan, and Shelley Vanderbyl

Until March 3, 2019

..Through the work of three artists: Jill brooks, Mélanie Rocan, and Shelley Vanderbyl; Hope, Healing & Contemplation examines the role of art as a significant tool in our journey to hope and healing; and contemplation of what is and what might be. Art is not an afterthought at St. Boniface Hospital; it is the raison d’être for the Buhler Gallery in this non-traditional, medically focused space. Each work is imbued with a particular feeling that the viewer can connect with.

Shelley Vanderbyl’s tiny landscapes remind us of the naturalbeauty all around; and her frescoes, with broken and renewed surfaces reassure us. Marks from the past are palimpsests that inform our futures.

Mélanie Rocan’s lush, dreamy and sensuous forms encourage awakenings; and invite us to move into her very personal landscapes – unfamiliar and perhaps foreboding.

Brooks works evoke the ephemeral and the temporality of ourexistences; a treasured image of anicon causes us to remember, and a faded flower causes us to contemplate the future.

In contemplation we can rebalance. Through contemplation these three artists are encouraging us – and all viewers – to become the best versions of ourselves.

Leona Herzog
Buhler Gallery

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Image at top of page: Pocket Paintings by Shelley Vanderbyl


by Melanie Rocan



Double Pink Tulip by Jill Brooks


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